Lower Grandview Mine

Oregon Gold Mine
All claims and government permits are paid and current.

Environmental Impact Studies and Geological Evaluations have been conducted.

Previous reserve estimates are from 240,000 to 366,000 ounces of gold (could be higher).

Approved Mine Plan/tunnels and access routes are completed.

Adequate spring water is nearby.

Previous small and seasonal mining operation that had only begun to tap the vast resources and deposits is waiting for an investor to take the mining to the next level.

If a person had invested $10,000 on March 29, 1999 (the day the Dow first hit 10,000) and sold on October 14, 2009 (the day the Dow recovered to hit 10,000 again), the profit realized would have been ZERO. If, however, the same investment was made in gold, it would have netted approximately $40,000 – a profit of FOUR TIMES THE ORIGINAL INVESTMENT.

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